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10 things I will miss about London

1. The people. Enough said.

2. Southbank, it’s eye watering beauty & the wonderful range Of creative events, displays, & discussions on offer. I spent many hours writing my manuscript in the Royal Festival Hall and heading out for breaks at the food stall market. Check out the Poetry Library on the 5th floor. Incredible. A Library..for poetry. Wow!

3. The Poetry & literary scene…Spoken word poetry, literary nightclubs, creative writing workshops…some favourites of mine were Poetry in Motion run by Progressive Entertainment, Blessed Souls and Come Rhyme with Me.

4. The theatre! Mogadishu at the Lyric, Some Like it hip hop at the Peacock theatre & the Amen Corner at the National Gallery are just some of the gems I’ve been fortunate enough to go and see. The last play I went to see was called Groove on Down the Road, another gem from Zoonation it was a modern remake of the Wizard of Oz.  I loved it nearly just as much as the 5 kids I went with:)

5. Citylit. Oh my gosh if you have any spare time at all please go & sigh up for a course here. You can do a whole range of stuff. I did, not surprisingly, Writing for children’s fiction & it actually changed my life. No.Joke. *cue dramatic gasp*

6. The parks, wow what a green city! It is actually oozing with Parks. My favourite one was probably Hyde park maybe because it used to double up as an amazing german market/fairground  themed carnival called winter wonderland every Christmas time.

7. No. 1 referred to the people in my life. No 7 is generic. Just the people all dotted around doing their thing making London what it is. And what is that you may ask..well a city where people are just that bit less concerned of what their neighbour think of them & don’t conform to the rules of the mainstream fashion police. So yeah…if we wanna wear white trainers with our work suits that is what we are gonna do! Yup!

8. The international cuisine! Londoners are from anywhere & everywhere and this is reflected in the sheer breadth of choice you have when you want to go out to eat be it in a formal sushi bar, a pop up paella stand or a casual Thai restaurant. Speaking of casual Thai I need to give busaba a shout out. Their calamari was off the drizzle!! Didn’t even taste no calamari like that when I was in Thailand.

9. The Inspiration of the city; it consisted of people taking a risk & moving their lives here & most of us few to love it. The audacity & optimism if that is something that encourages me.

10. A city of many cities
Start off in Brixton in the hustle and bustle of the market, or enjoying a gluten free cupcake in Brixton Village ,then head up to Stratford on the jubilee line and go shopping in the huge Westfield if you like big glitzy shopping malls or if you don’t catch a train to Dalston and go check out the African market there or eat at one of the many Turkish cafes. None of that takes your fancy head up to Camden on the Overground and enjoy all that Camden has to offer..the nightlife, Camden Lock Market where you can buy unique souvenirs and trendy clothes. If you want to do some celebrity spotting go through Primrose Hill then if it’s a hot day stop off at one of the many fro-yo places in St John’s wood. If you want to be surrounded by Irish people, young professionals and Coffee shops well Clapham is the place to go! Thinking of a nice riverside stroll on a summer day then I’d suggest the lovely Richmond where I worked for over 2 years. Over run with ultra posh yummy mummies but place is perfect 🙂 And yes I’ve missed LOTS of places out, because in truth everywhere in London is AMAZING!

11. The political activism & awareness of so many Londoners. The media hasn’t managed to tranquilize quite everyone….

12. Kind of linked to 10, and indeed this whole blog post. There are many different London’s, for me London was a cultural haven full of inspiring theatre, open mics, quirky markets and fellow creatives. For some it’s about the exclusive clubs, or expensive shops..for others still it’s about something else…London isn’t just for hippies or just for the millionaires..there are so many different identities and scenes represented here in the capital. There is not one London as such.

London is many things but one thing it is for me now is home! 🙂

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