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This week I am saying goodbye to some of the charming kids who have stole a bit of my heart over the past 2 years. One boy in particular, he’s tall for his age with curly hair and a broad smile. He’s a delightful energetic soul,  bouncing from 2 extremes. High and low. He has a lot going on in his little head, so much has happened in his young life.I met him about this time 2 years ago.He was 6 years old. On my second meeting with him I remember he looked at me pensively and frowned before nodding and giving me his solemn appraisal. “I like you ‘Sipilla’ ” . He couldn’t say my name properly but a kid that cute could call me anything and it would make me smile.
Last week he confided in me, I had a dream he said. And you were in it Priscilla. He’s eight now so he can say my name just fine 🙂 You were a superhero who came on holiday with me and my family and you saved the day. Really, I smiled wryly. I always knew I was a superhero deep down. Knew, no sorry thought. I thought I could swoop down and save the day for those beautiful precious hurting children but I can’t . I can’t. I can only stay and make things a little better for the short time in which I spend with them. Maybe my words of encouragement or any acts of kindess will inspire or soothe them in years to come. Or perhaps they won’t remember what I said or even how I made them feel.

I love moving around and meeting new people, and having new experiences. All my adult life I have spent saying hello and goodbye. Sometimes the goodbye coming quite quickly after the hello. And I don’t think it gets any easier the older I get or the more experienced I am at doing it.
Dr Seuss said don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened. So I’m smiling because I moved down from Glasgow, I began a new life down here in London and I never really looked back. I am so grateful for all the things I’ve done, places I’ve visited and most of all the people I’ve met and how I’ve grown.

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